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Transform your skin care routine

Instead of judging your skin for its "flaws", tune into how your skin is feeling. Noticing any changes like breakouts, redness or flakes will help you identify when you need to adjust your care and give your skin what it needs. By approaching your skin care in this way, you'll achieve the best results. Get inspired to approach your skin care intuitively with professional spa products and services that you can experience from the comfort of your home.

Hi there!

I'm Christine, a certified skin therapist with acne-prone, sensitive skin. I've also experienced a host of other inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and fungal acne.

My personal skin challenges have motivated me to find clinically proven solutions that work. Paired with client feedback over the past five years, I've been able to help other busy women improve their acne, calm facial redness and age smart.


Hear from my clients

"I had the most amazing experience with Christine. She goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable. My skin has been saved, my confidence is improving and I love learning from Christine every time we interact or on her social media! The world needs to meet and work with her themselves to see the magic she can create."

Tiffany G, Toronto ON

"All my life I have dealt with having excessively dry skin. Even up until that point (I’m 40) I had never been able to find something that took away that tight feeling in my face every winter. I would wholeheartedly recommend Christine to anybody looking to establish a natural, personalized skin care routine that really addresses all their personal needs."

Jessamyn N, Toronto ON

"Christine was very thorough and took the time to understand all of my current practices while sharing her knowledge to better my future skin care as we work towards an improved daily routine. She was available via phone to answer any questions that I’ve had as I am transitioning into a cleaner, healthier & more stable skin. I highly recommend this to anybody as she is absolutely fantastic."

Heather, Toronto ON

"Christine knows exactly what she is talking about! I am so thrilled with all the products I have tried - they have dramatically improved my skin! I can feel the difference in the texture, the amount of moisture and substantial increase in brightness. Christine matches the correct products to your exact skin type and the issues at hand. She is lovely to connect with and a wealth of knowledge.

Victoria P, New York NY

“Christine takes the time to really understand your skin and customizes a plan that works for you. She is available for questions throughout the process. Highly recommend!”

Emily G, Toronto ON

“I truly enjoyed my Routine Review with Christine. It was very personalized and it felt like she really understood my skin and its issues, even though all she had to go off of was a few photos and my answers to her survey! I am a few weeks in to starting to use the products that she recommended to me and everything is going great so far! In particular, switching from my previous sunscreen to the one that Christine recommended has been a game changer! Can't wait to see what a couple more months brings.”

Heather P, Toronto ON

Make self-care a priority

Do something for just you! By taking good care of yourself, you can take better care of everything else that matters. Starting and ending your day with intuitive skin care will help you look and feel your best.