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Skin Discovery is a virtual skin care consultancy, blog and shop dedicated to transforming skin care results at home. You'll experience products that are clean, clinically-proven and cruelty-free while learning how to identify and respond to what your skin needs. I can't wait to show you just how powerful and easy skin care can be!


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Skin care doesn't have to be frustrating or confusing. Book a Routine Review for personalized skin care advice, a Girls Night In to reconnect with your girlfriends virtually over facials or a Colour Therapy session to find your shade match on pro mineral makeup.


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Get personalized advice from a certified skin therapist vs. a self-proclaimed beauty blogger.



Enjoy skin care products that are healthy, clinically proven and cruelty-free. 



Learn how to let your skin guide you by listening and responding to your skin's changing needs.


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What separates Skin Discovery products from the rest is their quality and efficacy. These professional products can only be found at holistic and medical spas as well as dermatology and naturopathic offices. You'll find some of the very best clinically-proven, clean and cruelty-free skin care products to improve your acne, calm redness and age smart.


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"I truly enjoyed my Routine Review with Christine. It was very personalized and it felt like she really understood my skin and its issues, even though all she had to go off of was a few photos and my answers to her survey! I am a few weeks in to starting to use the products that she recommended to me and everything is going great so far! In particular, switching from my previous sunscreen to the one that Christine recommended has been a game changer! Can't wait to see what a couple more months brings."

Heather P, Toronto ON

"Great catch-up with Christine to review my progress made in the first three months and adapt my routine for the colder weather and changing goals."

Alanna D, Tiny ON

"Christine knows exactly what she is talking about! I am so thrilled with all the products I have tried - they have dramatically improved my skin! I can feel the difference in the texture, the amount of moisture and substantial increase in brightness. Christine matches the correct products to your exact skin type and the issues at hand. She is lovely to connect with and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you, Christine!!!"

Victoria, New York NY

“Christine knows her stuff and provided an easy, budget friendly skin care routine that I am absolutely loving! My skin feels incredible, and I can’t wait to continue this journey. I highly recommend Christine—very helpful + kind”

Rebecca M, Gananoque ON


Skin care confused

From eczema, pityriasis rosea to fungal acne and shingles, I've been through most inflammatory skin conditions. My personal skin journey has allowed me to help other women with similar experiences across Canada.